Spiritist Education Course: An Invitation to Youth – 2018 – Meeting 4 – Seven essential attitudes in our relationship with God

In this lesson, we will study the teachings contained in the Lord’s Prayer. Allan Kardec in his genius divides it into seven parts to make it more understandable and show a new pattern of relationship with the Creator of the universe presented by Jesus.

In an evolutionary phase that we still struggle against disorderly passions, in which the hallucination for false material conquests touches our hearts, we need a lot of reflections that alert us and indicate the challenging ways to overcome accumulated sorrows by distancing ourselves from God.

To the fullness that we observe in the universe, sometimes we counteract the scarcity that we sustain in our being; in this daily shock, we feel confused and exhausted. Kardec points out in his analysis a lucid way of living. An initiate who read his words would find a precise guide for deep peace; to careless apprentices, the discovery remains hidden. To us, spirits thirsting for true love is given the opportunity of the unveiling of the Way. Let us ask God and Christ for emotional support so that the words spoken by the Master, addressing the Father, become the sure guide of our lives.


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