Spiritist Education Course: An Invitation to Youth – 2018 – Meeting 3 – Surrender to God

Today is the launch of Marcos Group’s first English book! We will work hard to maintain publication in English. Our desire is to speak to you continuously, our English speaking friends. We hope it is the beginning of a worth friendship. Help us spread the word. We count on you.

Integration with God is a central theme of the life of the wise of all time. We live in a period of evolution that pains and challenges drive us to seek something more. Unfortunately, often, confused and anguished, we choose the wrong existential paths. We invest our affection, our time and our lives in false conquests and vain adventures. This is serious because we need to consciously take on the responsibility of structuring a better world that will exist only for those who know how to renounce themselves – children’s desires for immediate and superficial pleasure – and to act productively in their lives. We need becoming wiser.

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