Spiritist Education Course: An Invitation to Youth – 2018 – Meeting 5 – Charity, Deep Meaning

Writing is learning. Never, after twenty years of Spiritism, could I imagine how much I would gain by writing this book. The concept of charity was the great discovery. Two things shocked me: its greatness and my illusion, I thought I knew what charity was. Big mistake.

Now I understand so many testimonies I heard from spiritual friends in reporting how much disincarnation opens the frontiers of understanding. Everything changes radically, they say. I am not referring to those who lived deceived by pleasures and material pursuits, but to those who sincerely sought to spiritualize themselves and, to a large extent, succeeded.

Today, after discovering that I almost nothing understood charity, I live an excellent and exciting adventure: much, much to learn! Not, however, without a bit of fear and, let us say, humility, for it is hard to recognize how far from the truth I was. One thing reassures me and sustains me: I have Spiritism, a sure guide to deepen my knowledge and support me emotionally in the world. This is clearer than ever.


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